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2009-09-27 20:43:29 by LordCraigus

I got Slintas' birthday flash done however I've realised I should really spend some more time on (and most likely redo) the other movie that I was already halfway through making. Things like shading and a bit more detail to the drawings is wouldn't got a miss.

I'm currently working on two short flash movies, one a birthday flash for Slintas and another something of my own. I'm mainly just posting this to solidify my goal of getting them done this month while I simultaneously procrastinate animating.

It doesn't help that I get cold hands whilst animating,

New movie, enjoy!

2008-03-10 13:40:01 by LordCraigus



2007-07-17 17:12:36 by LordCraigus

Delicious penis.